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Asia is and always will be the land of the exotic. Comprised of nearly 48 countries, Asia offers you a snapshot of the world-spanning geographies, cultures, and languages. Our Luxury Asia Tours allow you to get into the very fabric of one single country or envelop yourself in the rich tapestry that forms Asia. With Gazelle International Tours, plan your luxury tour to Maldives, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan and other Southeast Asian Countries. Planning your Luxury tours to Asia with utmost care and precision is our mantra. This ensures that your experience is a memorable one. Whether you are planning to spend your vacation in a luxury hotel or a budget accommodation, you will find myriad accommodations throughout Asia to meet every desire and budget. Ready to be inspired? Browse our favorite Asia accommodation below or view all Asia Tours.

ASIA Tours

Book Asia Tour Packages & get amazing deals for your Asia holiday.... and trendy urban places make Asia a unique travel destination. Let’s explore Maldives, China, Hongkong, Sri Lanka, India & Many more!

Beijing And Xi’an Tour

Taking you to the famous Great Wall of China via the popular Forbidden City to the historical Liulichang antique Street

Beijing Tour

Day 1 of the package starts with arrival in Beijing and the check in at the hotel where the rest of the day will be left

Shanghai Tour

Arrive in shanghai, the financial and commercial center of China. You will be met your guide and be transferred

Hong Kong & Macau

This action packed vacation will take you across the fun & interactive adventure of Hong Kong & Macau.

Hongkong & Macau Bucketlist

Arrival in Hongkong and kick start with a Hongkong living culture experience tour

Hong Kong Tour

The package commences with arrival to Hong Kong and leisure at the reserved hotel room on day

Ceylon Yoga & Wellness

Book this trip for a healthy, life-enhancing experience through Ayurvedic treatments. Go for

Sri Lanka Cultural Highlights

During this tour, you will immerse yourself in Sri Lankan culture. On your arrival transfer

Sri Lanka –The Wild Side

Day 1 check in at your hotel and spend the rest of the day relaxing, Enjoy Jeep Safari

ASIA Tours Accommodations

Book Asia Accommodations & get luxury stays for your Asia holiday.... and find the best hotels in Asia, chosen by our expert. Let’s find accommodations in Maldives, China, Hongkong, Sri Lanka, India & Many more!

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