Gazelle Safari Company is a full-service corporate meeting and event management company.  We design and deliver remarkable events for a wide range of clients including NGOs. Corporate organizations, Multi-National companies, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) among others.

 We have an energetic team working tirelessly to provide outstanding results and timely practical solutions to challenges as they arise. Our team members come from varying backgrounds bringing together the expertise and a wealth of experience in the industry to ensure that your event is planned and executed flawlessly.

We have horned the art of delivering end-end event management specializing in packaging & producing the best combination of event concept, travel cost, and itineraries both locally and internationally.

Our Services

Meetings & Conferences

We handle any size of meetings, incentives, conferences, seminars, trade shows, and group travel programs. We believe that successful events are tailored to individual needs based on budget, location, goals, and objectives. Whatever your group size is, we can quickly handle it all from planning to execution

We understand that putting together a successful meeting or conference is all about the details- that is why we pay attention to detail. From sourcing, the right venue to food & beverage catering, establishing hospitality desks, set-up of audiovisual & conference equipment. Below are some of our Value Added Services.

Transportation & air travel management.

We handle all the travel needs of delegates from their base to meeting/conference destination in a seamless professional matter while being mindful of the clients’ budget.

Site contract negotiation

We also negotiate with hotels, venues, restaurants, and different service providers on behalf of the client. We adhere to the safety requirements of the client, accessibility, quality of service, and value for money.

Hotel reservation and upgrade management

Once the client puts us in charge of an event we ensure that all the delegates are dully booked into their respective hotels. Upgrades/downgrades as they may arise are also taken care of.

Rooming list (accommodation assignment)

 Guests often travel across the globe for meetings/ events and on arrival prefer to expeditiously check into their rooms to freshen up or rest. We handle the rooming list assigning accommodation to participants beforehand.

Excursion and local experiences reservations.

For those interested in mixing business and leisure, we arrange pre-conference or post-conference excursions to help participants unwind and get the vibe of the destination. See some of our bestselling Excursions.

VIP experiences meet & greet

We offer VIP service plus meet and greet assistance for delegates.

On-site 24/7 hospitality desk

For all the events we cater for, there is a 24/7 help desk to deal with issues as they arise. This helps the delegates to get quick access to information and resources.

Pre & Post-program satisfaction survey. 

When requested, we carry out a pre & post-event/seminar/conference survey to ask participants if they achieved their objectives and also request for future improvements where possible.

Corporate Incentive Travel

Many companies are searching for special ways to reward their best employees, we await the opportunity to create a tailor-made, innovative, luxurious, and unique travel experience that offers the ultimate incentive. Doesn’t matter whether it is for a small group of a senior executive or for a large party of well-deserving employees.

Our itineraries are well planned and thought out to make your employees feel loved and special. We are all-inclusive so all services ranging to visa application, air tickets, transfers, accommodation, and ground handling are all done in-house. This ensures that we provide quality services at competitive prices.

Team Building

The main purpose of team-building activities is to motivate employees to work together, develop their strengths, and address any weaknesses.  Team building should encourage collaboration rather than competition. If you aim to motivate your employees or sales force, consolidate the feeling of unity, strengthen the attachment to the company brand, or mark the spirits of your corporate clients, Gazelle Safari Company will offer exclusive tailor-made team building programs.

We infuse your itinerary event with the non-stop fun and excitement of traveling to popular destinations while experiencing new cultures and add the right amount of team-building activities between the various levels of management.

We offer a wide range of activities both indoor and outdoor with the right amount of adventure to give you an adrenaline rush. Interested in Hackathons, product challenges, meetings, seminars, introductions, training sessions, amazing dining experiences, team challenges, and bonfires? Rest easy and leave it with the professionals. We got your back!

More About Gazelle International Tours

We handle any size of meetings, conferences, seminars, trade shows, & group travel programs, also Corporate Incentive Travel to reward best employees & team-building activities to motivate employees etc..

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