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International travel for young people, children and youth is fast becoming a normal part of a child's education. Increasingly, schools around the world are incorporating educational and fun trips into their academic calendar. 

Why Young Travelers Should Engage In International Trips?

Generally, experts say that international travel helps young people reinforce and expand on classroom learning helping students build soft skills and exposing them to new opportunities.  

Students who travel are more sought after by employers. A recent study showed that 82 percent of employers in the UK believed travel made you more employable. 38 percent thought travel boosted confidence, increased people skills, and improved communication skills. 

The study also suggested that people who travel tend to be more entrepreneurial. 34 percent of people who had traveled were self-employed compared to 14 percent of those who hadn’t. 

In our modern global society, school travel is an easy way for schools and teachers to help prepare students for the future.

Benefits Of International Travel School Trips

Reinforce classroom material by exposing students to real-world situations in the classroom.

Motivate students in the classroom to perform better.

School travel significantly increases student engagement in the classroom. Regular. It has been noted through feedback from clients that students who lacked confidence before a school trip have gone on to flourish in the classroom after returning from a trip

Exposes students to new cultures which can be significantly beneficial to a child’s personal development. Students will gain broader perspectives and learn to be comfortable in unfamiliar situations.

Provides once in a lifetime travel experiences. Educational experiences outside the classroom can be gratifying.

Language learning opportunities: Whether students take language lessons during their time abroad or are just able to experience the target language in a real-life context, an overseas trip is an amazing opportunity for them to practice their language skills, especially the communicative skills of understanding and speaking.

Meeting new people and making new friends: During school trips, students get a chance to meet new people, offering lots of opportunities to practice social skills with other students on the trip.

Better bond between teachers and parents: Getting to know your students on a more personal level during a trip is a marvelous way to build a report with them that you will benefit from for a long time afterward. Kids who have a personal connection with a teacher are a lot more participatory and motivated in class. Their behavior, in general, improves, as they suddenly feel more connected to the teacher and see how them not paying attention directly affects the teacher

Educational targets and prestige: Offering overseas school trips can add to a school’s prestige. Don’t get intimidated by a history trip to China, or a safari tour to South Africa: offering an international trip is just as important and exciting as some of the more remote trips that some schools offer.

CV Building: Employers value not just a students’ grades, but also their wider curriculum, including participation in societies, voluntary work and study trips abroad. There are many opportunities for students to travel and study, and opening the door to these possibilities might be the first step for them to participate in many more foreign trips

Culinary experience: With a visit abroad comes a new culinary experience: meals or even just ingredients students might have never tasted, seen and even heard of. Trying new foods is a greatly important (and fun!) educational outcome of a trip, as it gives them a richer food experience which hopefully makes them more open to new foods in general, even in their “normal” lives.

Having fun: The different excursions, attractions, theme parks, water parks and shows all add to the fun in a school trip. The participants will keep these memories for a life time.

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