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These tours cater to the needs of specific categories of people based on diverse experiences and activities that fall outside the realm of general interest tourism.

We tailor-make specialty tours intended to enhance the lives of those participating in the tour activities. They are made for travelers who want to experience something based on their special interests. These tours are different from the usual touristy stuff & focus on a particular activity for which a particular region or place is famous. 

We bring you a variety of special interest tours ranging from food tourism, wellness trips, music festivals and Carnivals, sports events, cruises to mention but a few.


Not everyone likes shopping or museums but everyone eats. At Gazelle Safari Company, we give all visitors something to look forward to not leaving out the foodies.

Food is an important part of every culture and each destination has its own culinary traditions. Experience local culture through its authentic cuisine and interact with locals to learn more about their passion for food. Whether it is wine tasting, cheese tasting, or a farm visit, we make each experience unique and fulfilling.  Learn to cook from local chefs and enjoy savory delights. Take a culinary journey through the world today.


Take some time off to introduce your inner traveler to your inner self.  Travel and discover awe-inspiring destinations combined with rejuvenating activities like yoga and meditation, and healthy food experiences to recharge the body and nourish the mind.

These tours are designed to nurture your mind, body, and soul. If keeping active is your favorite way to relax, then why not do more of the same on holiday? You don’t have to be hard at it all day every day; just find an itinerary that suits you, in a destination that you’ve always fancied, and away you go.

Enjoy the finest spa and wellness experiences on your journey of wellbeing. Choose from age-old Ayurvedic treatments to other contemporary techniques, use this chance to de-stress, detox, or just indulge. Our wellness trips feature stunning accommodation in a variety of picturesque locations around the world.


Oftentimes, we just can’t seem to find the energy to learn something new or delve deeper into a subject that we are keen about. Life can get so busy with work, family, and other commitments. The trick is to set aside time and find a tour that focuses on your special interest. Take a leave of absence from your daily life and do something exciting.

 You may take a jazz and classical guitar course in Lisbon, start salsa with professional dancers in Santiago de Cuba or learn how to make traditional crafts in Indonesia. Joining a group of enthusiasts allows you to learn together, bounce ideas off each other, share recommendations, tips and advice.  Our tours have professional guides who will lead you through processes and techniques and give you feedback that allows you to learn and develop your passion, your skillset, in a positive and friendly learning environment.

You may choose to learn a language in the country of origin; take photographs in amazing locations in the company of a pro; no more excuses now’s the time to make things happen.


The calendar is filled with sporting events in different parts of the world. You just need to identify which one tickles your fancy. Gazelle International Tours organizes sports tours, in which we combine sports activities with regular sightseeing and must-see highlights. If your group is a sports team, or just sports lovers, of popular sports like cycling, Formular one, Soccer, Baseball, Rugby, motor cross, we can arrange tickets and If your group prefers to attend a match.


Everyone loves a celebration every once in a while so Gazelle Safari International Tours invites you to join us at a selection of the most spectacular, enjoyable, and unmissable carnivals and festivals around the globe. Whichever time of the year you prefer to travel you're almost certain to find a holiday that coincides with a local carnival or festival somewhere in the world.

Join the carnival in Rio de Janeiro every February, Octoberfest, St. Patrick’s Day, and Sauti Za Bashara Festival in Zanzibar among so many others. We have itineraries and packages for people of all ages and walks of life.

Choose a holiday of your choice and leave the preparation in our able hands. Gazelle International tours will transport you in comfort and style to places that you've always dreamed of visiting whilst also ensuring that you don't miss some of the world's most unmissable carnivals and festivals.

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Book Special Interest Tour Packages! Special Interest Tours for travelers who want to experience something based on their special interest which include Art, Music, Culinary Tours, Religious Tours, Sports, and Cruises, etc.

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