Sri Lanka Cultural Highlights

Tour Overview

During this tour, you will immerse yourself in Sri Lankan culture. On your arrival transfer to your hotel and after check in Visit Gangaramaya Temple one of the oldest Buddhist temples in Colombo. Enjoy Colombo City & Shopping Tour in the evening. On day 2 Enjoy a pottery experience in Sigiriya and check in at your hotel after the experience. visit Sigiriya rock fortress and ancient ruined city of Polonnaruwa in the afternoon on day 3. Sightseeing of Anuradhapura ancient ruined city and also visit the Mihintale Temple for day 4. On day 5 Venture into Habarana for a traditional village experience plus Visit and climb the Pidurangala Rock. Go for sightseeing of the Kandy town, lake and Temple of the Tooth and also a visit to the Peradeniya botanical gardens on day 6. For day 7 Visit to Lankatilaka Raja Maha Vihara and depart on day 8.


❖Passport & Visas – you will need a passport with at least one blank page and validity for no less than six months from the date of arrival.

❖Currency Exchange/Credit Cards – The local currency is Sri Lankan rupees (Rs.) and currency can be exchanged at bank counters in the arrival lounge. There are many certified money changers and banks throughout the country for currency exchange as well. All major credit cards are usually accepted at larger hotels, shops and restaurants.

❖General Behavior – Sri Lanka in general is a very conservative country so be respectful towards the culture and different religions. You are required to dress appropriately (covering all parts of your body) when visiting sacred places like temples/shrines or any place of worship.

❖Climate/Clothing – Most parts of the island get pretty hot and humid so you will mostly need light cotton clothing and comfortable shoes for walking/trekking. The hill country can get a little chilly at night so you will also need a light sweater for your stay there.

❖Electricity – Electricity runs at 230–240V. Round, three-pin sockets are the norm, though you’ll also sometimes find square three-pin sockets, especially in more upmarket hotels. Adaptors are cheap and widely available.

❖Health – Bring your mosquito repellent bug spray, sun block or tan lotion and any medication you may need for your trip. You can get them at supermarkets and pharmacies locally but it’s best to bring your own if you are comfortable with certain brands.

❖Festivals/Public Holidays – Sri Lanka is a land of many festivals and celebrations. You can find out the festivals taking place before your arrival into the country. Sale and consumption of alcohol is prohibited on all Poya (full moon) days and religious festivals.

❖Tipping – Tipping your chauffer guide is at your discretion. If you are happy with your chauffer guide’s service and would like to tip him, we recommend a starting tip of USD$10 per day.


❖ The official check-in time at all hotels will be 1200Hrs - 1400Hrs (depend on the hotel).

❖ The official check-out time at all hotels will be 1200Hrs.

❖ Hotel Check in/Check out times are fixed and there is no guarantee for early/late check in /out unless paid for.

Trip Highlights

  • Visit Gangaramaya Temple
  • Colombo City & Shopping Tour
  • Pottery Experience
  • Visit Cave Temple in Dambulla
  • Visit Sigiriya Rock Fortress
  • Visit The Ancient Ruined City of Polonnaruwa
  • Sightseeing of Anuradhapura Ancient Ruined City
  • Visit The Mihintale Temple.
  • Traditional Village Experience
  • Visit and Climb the Pidurangala Rock
  • Boat Ride
  • Sightseeing of The Kandy Town, Lake and Temple of the Tooth
  • Visit to The Peradeniya Botanical Gardens.
  • Visit to Lankatilaka Raja Maha Vihara

Trip Itinerary

On arrival in Sri Lanka, please clear immigration, collect your luggage then proceed through the customs green channel to the arrival lobby. We will be waiting in the designated area with a paging board. You will then be escorted to the vehicle park for your transfer.

Transfer from Airport to Colombo (Approx. 1Hrs)

Visit Gangaramaya Temple: Gangaramaya is one of the oldest Buddhist temples in Colombo, started by the famous scholar monk Hikkaduwe Sri Sumangala Nayaka Thera in the late 19th Century. After the Venerable Sri Sumangala, his chief pupil Devundera Sri Jinaratana Nayake Thera took on the administration of the temple. It was he who laid the foundation to convert the little temple to an institute of international reckoning. The next chief incumbent was the Ven. Devundara Keerthi Sri Sumangala Jinaratana Vacissara Thera, the teacher of the Ven. Galboda Gnanissara, who worked to make the Gangaramaya what it is today: much more than a temple in the conventional term, but a place of worship, a seat of learning and a cultural Centre.

Evening Enjoy Colombo City & Shopping Tour: Colombo, the commercial capital of Sri Lanka, is a major port near the mouth of the Kelani Ganga River. It owes its importance largely to its great breakwaters, which give shelter to a large, artificially created harbour. Beira Lake, administratively part of the Port of Colombo, is connected with the harbor by a canal and locks. Colombo handles most of the foreign trade of Sri Lanka and is an important fueling station. Manufactures of the city include metal goods, refined petroleum, motor vehicles, processed food, textiles, clothing, and chemicals. Sri Jayavardhanapura, the legislative and judicial capital of Sri Lanka, is on the outskirts of Colombo. The business section of Colombo, called the Fort, occupies the sites of the former fortified area. Broad avenues and modern buildings contrast with the narrow, crooked streets and ramshackle structures of the Pettah quarter. Places of worship include Christian churches, Muslim mosques, and Buddhist temples. The University of Colombo, Sri Lanka Technical College (1893), and other educational institutions are located in the city. The early name of the city, Kalan-totta (Kelani ferry), derived from a nearby river-ferry point, was corrupted into Kolambu by the Arabs and changed to Colombo in 1517 by the Portuguese in honor of Christopher Columbus. Proceed to the Hotel Spend rest of the day at leisure.

Overnight: At Hotel in Colombo. Kingsbury Hotel Colombo OR Cinnamon Lakeside

Transfer from Colombo to Sigiriya (Approx. 4Hrs)

Enjoy a pottery experience, this experience provides you the opportunity to learn and understand the ancient Sri Lankan art of traditional clay pottery making. Visit a local village where many potters make their living. Learn the art of turning raw clay into the beautiful forms of pottery. Get to know how these objects enrich the villagers today and how pottery making in the local community has changed through the ages. Watch how pottery is framed using both the traditional method and modern method. Engage with the villagers as you sip a herbal drink served in newly made clay cups. End your experience with a better picture about the local livelihood and the rural lifestyle.

Check in to your hotel.

Afternoon Visit Cave Temple in Dambulla: Point of Sri Lanka, Dambulla is a town built around a vast isolated rock mass 500 ft. and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was here that King Valagambahu took refuge in the 1st century B.C. The view from the top of this rock is breathtaking 350 ft. above are a series of five caves which was later turned into a magnificent rock temple by King Valagambahu. In the first cave is a recumbent image of the Buddha 47 ft., long, cut out from the rock. There are images of deities associated with Buddhism. The frescoes on the walls and ceiling could be dated to the 15th - 18th centuries. In the second cave, the finest and the largest, are not less than 150 life size statues of gods. There are numerous images of the Buddha as well. The ceiling too is covered with frescoes which depict great events in the life of the Buddha, and landmarks in the history of the Sinhala People

Overnight; At Hotel in Sigiriya; Aliya Resort Sigiriya 4* or Water Garden Sigiriya

Morning visit Sigiriya rock fortress. Sigiriya, also known as the ‘Lion's Rock’ is possibly Sri Lanka’s most iconic site; the ruins of this rock fortress is a popular tourist attraction for its ancient paintings (frescos) similar to India’s Ajanta Cave paintings. Built by King Kasyappa between 477 - 495 AD, the site is one of seven World Heritage Sites in Sri Lanka. The climb of Sigiriya takes approximately an hour or even less depending on how fast or slowly you want to get to the top. The climb consists of 1200 easy steps and is best done in the morning or late afternoon. Wear a cap and plenty of sunscreen, take a bottle of water with you.

Afternoon visit the ancient ruined city of Polonnaruwa. The second most ancient of Sri Lanka’s kingdoms, Polonnaruwa was once a capital during the reign of King Vijayabahu I, who defeated an invasion of Chola warriors in 1070 CE. Today the UNESCO World Heritage Site remains one of the best planned Archaeological relic sites in the country, standing testimony to the discipline and greatness of the Kingdom’s first rulers. Its beauty was also used as a backdrop to filmed scenes for the Duran. Duran music video Save a Prayer in 1982. Wear a cap and plenty of sunscreen, take a bottle of water with you.

Overnight; Hotel in Sigiriya, Aliya Resort Sigiriya 4* or Water Garden Sigiriya

Sightseeing of Anuradhapura ancient ruined city and also visit the Mihintale Temple. Anuradhapura which was the 1st chronicled capital of ancient Ceylon. Sri Lanka's first capital is situated in the dry zone. It is one of Sri Lanka's premier ancient cities. Attractions: The sacred Bo Tree, temples, Brazen Place, Samadhi Buddha, Kuttam Pokuna, an Mihintale (12 kilometers from Anuradhapura) - a rock dotted with shrines and dwellings - a grand stairway of 1,840 steps made of granite slabs that leads to a summit with a splendid view of the countryside. Among the ruins of this once magnificent city, Anuradhapura, is the Ruwanvaliseya Temple, situated in the Mahamega Gardens. Built in the second century B.C by King Dutugamunu. It is 100 metres tall, 77 metres wide, 300 ft in diameter. Originally the shupa was designed in a "Bubble" shape. Sadly, different restorations of the Thupa have changed its shape. The Great Sthupa cost the King 6.4 million coins in wages. The construction was commenced on a full moon day in May 144 B.C. The foundation was made of butter-clay, imported from India, which was used as cement. Further four small Stupas are to be seen in the 0four corners in order to give more respect. Walking around the stupa you see a life size statue of a king, believed to be King Dutugamunu. Further you see an Inscription done by King Nissankamalla in the platform. King Dutugamunu fell sick with a sickness that was to be mortal, He sent for his younger brother Saddhatissa to complete its work.

 Mihintale, which is considered to be the cradle of Buddhism in Sri Lanka… In 247 B.C. Buddhism was first introduced to Sri Lanka on the mountain of Mihintale. Since then, various kings of Sri Lanka have blessed this rock with magnificent masterpieces of architecture. These include a hospital, a monastic complex, stupas and dagobas. While some of these structures are in an almost perfect state of preservation, some others are in complete ruin. The most spectacular of these is the Kantaka Chaitiya, which displays some of the finest architecture of the early Anuradhapura era. The climb to the summit consists of almost a thousand steps.

Overnight; Hotel in Sigiriya, Aliya Resort Sigiriya 4* or Water Garden Sigiriya

Venture into Habarana for a traditional village experience.

Travel by Bullock cart through paddy fields to a lake, which you will cross by a traditional ‘Oruwa’ (boat). The lake is incredibly beautiful when water levels are high and dotted with lotus. As you glide across, you may be lucky to see a swooping eagle or water monitors (lizards) swimming across or lazing across a branch. Hop off the boat and walk to a farm house for a refreshing Thambili (king coconut) break. You will be given a guided tour of the farm, and farm life before sitting down to a traditional lunch prepared by the famer’s family, served on lotus leaves.

Visit and climb the Pidurangala Rock. Destination for moderate hikes and

climbs to the top of the rock, popular for panoramic views

Return to your hotel and spend the rest of the day at leisure

Overnight; At Hotel in Sigiriya, Aliya Resort Sigiriya 4* or Water Garden Sigiriya

Transfer from Sigiriya to Kandy (Approx. 3Hrs)

After breakfast this morning proceed to Kandy, on arrival sightseeing of the Kandy town, lake and Temple of the Tooth and also a visit to the Peradeniya botanical gardens.

Kandy’s main attraction is the ‘Dalada Maligawa’, or the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic. Kandy’s Dalada Maligawa is a magnificently adorned shrine, with decorative walls, moat, turrets, golden roof and fine wood-work and its 16th - 19th century ambience vividly alive. Three religious services (referred to as ‘poojas’) with traditional music, held daily at dawn, mid-day and in the evening, can be viewed by visitors.

The Peradeniya Royal Botanical Gardens is the largest of the botanical gardens of Sri Lanka and the finest of its kind in Asia. During WWII the gardens were the headquarters of the allied command for the pacific. It’s a leisurely walk in a circular fashion, you can do this independently or with a resident botanist. Check into your hotel

Overnight; At Hotel in Kandy Amaya Hills Kandy 4*

Visit Lankatilaka Raja Maha Vihara.

The Lankatilaka Raja Maha Vihara (also known as the Lankatilaka Temple or the Blue Temple), is located in Hiyarapitiya in the Udunuwara area of Kandy, Sri Lanka’s hill capital. It was constructed as a four stored building that stood eighty feet high and sits on an une ven rock bed overlooking the Hantane mountain range. The history of Lankatilaka Vihara dates back to the Gampola era and was constructed during that time under the patronage of King Buwanekabahu IV in 1344 AD.

Return to your hotel

Overnight; At Hotel in Kandy Amaya Hills Kandy 4* or Elephant Stables Kandy

After breakfast proceed to Airport for departure (Approx.: 3 Hrs.)


Valid through 01st November 2021 to 30thApril 2022

Currency quoted in US$

Rates based on per person sharingdouble

For a minimum of 2 pax on tour

Period 4* Hotels 5* Hotels
01.11.2021-19.12.2021 US$ 995 US$ 1755 
20.12.2021-10.01.2022 US$ 1105 US$ 2145 
11.01.2022-30.04.2022 US$ 1060 US$ 1895 

Include / Exclude

  • Accommodation at the hotels specified in the above-mentioned itinerary
  • Bed and Breakfast basis throughout.
  • Transportation in an AC private vehicle- 2 pax by car.
  • English speaking Sri Lanka Tourist Board qualified chauffeur guide services on tour from arrival to departure.
  • Chauffeur daily subsistence whilst on tour.
  • Entrance fees
  • All extras or any expenses of a personal nature or anything not specified
  • Meals not specified.
  • Entrance fees not specified above.
  • Compulsory cricket period supplements which could be implemented at a later stage by the respective hotels concerned on the dates of International Cricket Tournaments being held in close proximity to the said properties (if and when the said hotels choose to implement such supplements – we will keep you informed as and when we are informed of same by the said hotel properties).
  • Compulsory gala dinner supplements for 24th / 25th December and 31st December / 01st January at the respective hotels which will only be confirmed at the time of booking if dates of pax travel coincide with these dates and this will be dealt with on a case by case basis if and when applicable


Sri Lanka Cultural Highlights

From 995 USD/ Per Person

8 Days - 7 Nights


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