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The location of Sands on Chale Island is what sets it apart. With the magical mangrove lake, tropical greenery, silver beaches and gloosy turqiose waters, it seems that this place has it all.

The bio-diversity of this small island really gives life to it's forest, and whilst staying here expect to be immersed the whisperings of insects and bird life and primates which surround you. The seaweed on the shores attracts nesting turtles, which only adds to the magic of this place. Romantic, magical and totally unique, The Sands At Chale is actually a tiny island resort set 600 metres from mainland Kenya and funky Diani Beach. The only island of its kind in Kenya, Chale is covered in jungly forest and fringed by powdery white sands, coral reefs and a tidal saltwater lake surrounded by rippling mangroves. Days at Chale pass by in a haze of island dreaming; spend balmy afternoons cooling off in one of the two swimming pools, and evenings gazing at the sunset; discover the indigenous flora and fauna of the island or dive the depths of the translucent waters. We can't think of anything better.

Room choices are Tower, Bandas, Penthouse Suites, Overwater Suites and Honeymoon Suite, and some rooms are dated, and do call for a luxurious rustic upgrade to keep up with it “island theme”. There are no televisions on the island – a perfect plasma detox, only yesteryear radios, but you will have access to free high-speed internet if you need to keep in touch with family and friends back home. Some considerations in room location will affect your stay, such as the best Tower rooms being logically on the higher levels for an expansive view. For a comfortable beach vacation in Kenya with gazelleinternationaltours , guests with limited mobility may prefer rooms close to reception, the swimming pool and restaurant. To protect the habitat of resident fauna, such as monkey, baboon, bush baby, avifauna, small antelope, brightly-colored butterflies and many other creatures, the resort rigidly follows environmentally-friendly practices to ensure that every guest experiences a pristine island setting. Recycling is strongly encouraged and the electricity is shut off during the day. Additionally, you will not have access to hot water or air conditioning – probably all cost cutting strategies! The accommodation is preferred by Italian tourists primarily so you would find less diversity of guests here from other nations.

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